Is it necessary to use disinfection channel


At present, the situation of epidemic prevention in many countries is grim. According to the latest data released on November 22, 57882183 new cases have been confirmed in the world.

So what is the possibility of the second wave of domestic epidemic in autumn and winter this year? When will it happen? According to past experience, winter and spring may be the peak of the outbreak. Therefore, in terms of the current global epidemic prevention and control, the Spring Festival in 2021 will certainly be affected by the new epidemic situation.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control forenoon press conference was held in Shanghai on November 21st at 9 a.m. in Shanghai eighty-seventh. The novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical group leader Zhang Wenhong told the conference that the emergence of this case also verified the risk of the new crown disease since autumn and winter this year, especially those related to logistics and cold chain, and the risk will be faced in all parts of the country. "Shanghai"

Many people ask whether the temperature measurement and disinfection warehouse used before is necessary? Xiaobian wants to say that it is necessary. It is really necessary. Although the possibility of a large-scale outbreak is small, one or two in one place is enough to cause panic. Therefore, prevention and control are very necessary. Although not for the epidemic situation, influenza is the same reason, this year we are obedient with masks, you did not find that the number of people with cold is much less? In this case, disinfection channel is still more important.

In any case, each of us should do our duty: wear masks scientifically, keep social safety distance, do not pile up, and be hygienic.

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