The origin of the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty, displaying traditional handmade lamps and lanterns, most of which were lit by candles. In ancient times, most of the people whoattended the Lantern Festival were literati to show their talents.

By the midtang Dynasty, the Lantern Festival had become a major national holiday. Li Shangyin's "moonlight lights all over the imperial capital, Xiang Che Bo Liang Pass thoroughfares.

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" It can be seen that the Tang Dynasty and so on has reached an unprecedented scale. After the successive dynasties of the Lantern Festival will continue to develop, the duration of the Lantern Festival is also growing. In the Tang Dynasty, the Lantern Festival was "one day before and after the Yuan Dynasty" .

In the Song Dynasty, two days were added after the 16th century. In the Ming Dynasty, the Lantern Festival was extended from the eighth day to the 18th day for a full ten days. And then to the Qing Dynasty Palace has not held such a meeting, but the people did not stop.


Today, Guess Lantern Riddles Lantern Festival is even more important for people. The Lantern Festival embodies the unique festive atmosphere of our country, and the folk function of the traditional Lantern Festival has gradually disappeared, replaced by the implied meaning of Reunion.


Now the Lantern Festival has developed more and more beautiful, and various largescale lantern models have emerged one after another. The Chinese Zodiac, which comes every year, is the most common, there are other lovely and beautiful animals such as our national treasure giant panda, and then such as dancing flowers butterfly; there are all kinds of plant modeling: Columns, roses, Lotus and national flower peony flowers blooming beautiful or not; All kinds of architecture, all kinds of scene show, all ages and all countries of the task modeling, and so on, can be customized. With Christmas Day just around the corner, the Spring Festival is drawing near, the Lantern Festival is following closely, and there are more and more lantern fairs. In order to stand out from the crowd, everyone has made great efforts, especially after losing money last year, so get ready.

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