More than 70 million cases of COVID19 have been confirmed worldwide,

More than 70 million cases of COVID19 have been confirmed worldwide, and the SITUATION in the United States remains grim as the COVID19 epidemic continues to accelerate. At the same time, the WHO says that while progress on vaccines gives everyone confidence, public health measures need to continue, and many countries should be even more vigilant during the upcoming year-end holidays.


Nearly 700,000 new COVID19 cases were confirmed worldwide in a single day on November 11, a record since the outbreak began, compared with less than 10,000 confirmed cases in the first month of the outbreak. In addition, weekly deaths from COVID19 have increased by about 60 per cent in the past six weeks, with the majority of confirmed cases and deaths coming from Europe and the Americas.


The magnitude of the difficulty and persistence of the epidemic in the United States is staggering

As the northern hemisphere enters winter, the number of new cases increases in many countries, with Europe and the United States the worst hit. The US remains the country with the highest cumulative number of confirmed cases and deaths, accounting for about a third of the world's new COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks. The REPRESENTATIVE of WHO noted that the outbreak in the United States is difficult and protracted. Despite the strong health systems and technical capabilities of the United States, COVID-19 is widespread in the United States, with one to two people dying of COVID-19 every minute, and the magnitude of the epidemic is shocking.


The WORLD Health Organization says it will continue to uphold public health measures

The WHO says even with the introduction of COVID19 vaccines, people still need to follow strict vaccination measures. Relying on vaccines alone will not deal with the outbreak, and the emergence of a vaccine does not mean the elimination of COVID-19. Vaccines should be integrated into existing public health strategies and personal behaviour and hygiene should continue to be well managed.

The WHO says vigilance should always be maintained during holidaysAnd with many countries approaching end-of year holidays, people are likely to let their guard down, leading to increased risk. Who advises people living in areas where the virus is spreading to take all precautions to ensure their safety and that of others, such as staying safe at home and avoiding crowded shopping centres. Holidays are a time to relax and celebrate, but without the right precautions, celebrations can quickly turn into mourning.

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