Neon shape

Neon is the beautician of the city. When the night falls, the colorful neon lights make the city more beautiful. So, how was the neon lamp invented? It is said that the neon lamp was accidentally discovered by the British chemist Ramsay in an experiment. It was one night in June 1898, and Ramsay and his assistants were doing experiments in the laboratory to see if a rare gas could conduct electricity

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Ramsay injects a rare gas into a vacuum glass tube, then connects two metal electrodes enclosed in the vacuum glass tube to a high-voltage power supply, concentrating on observing whether the gas can conduct electricity.


Suddenly, an unexpected phenomenon happened: the noble gas injected into the vacuum tube not only began to conduct electricity, but also emitted an extremely beautiful red light. This magical red light surprised Ramsay and his assistants. Ramsay named the rare gas neon, which can conduct electricity and emit red light. Later, this kind of light that electrifies and emits light to the gas is called neon light.

With the development of social science, technology and economy, people's life is getting better and better, and various activities are becoming more and more colorful. In this year's special circumstances, the state vigorously develops night economy and stall economy.

The development of night economy promotes the promotion of lighting industry. No matter it is all kinds of lighting modeling or curtain wall lighting painting on the outdoor wall, every street can attract as many consumers as possible to promote the development of local economy. It is undeniable that this has indeed played a role. The billboard made by neon lamp is also sold very well. In the dark night, neon light can make people notice your existence more quickly. Now it is not only some billboards, but also decorative paintings on one side. All kinds of lighting shapes have become bright pictures.

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