How can there be no lanterns in the Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival is coming soon, lanterns and lanterns and various lighting models will start soon, especially this year, the night economy is vigorously promoted. For a scenic spot, the combination of nightlife and folk traditions has a huge cultural influence.

IMG_2794.jpg   With the development of science and technology, the current lantern fair is no longer just a lantern, but with a variety of animals, plants, geometric shapes, and scene stories. After that, there have been many cultural and tourism light shows, based on cultural tourism resources, integrated into Regional culture, planning and development of culture, so that visitors can see and understand the charm of scenic spots through the light show. The cultural tourism light show makes the scenic area more colorful and dynamic under the background of lights, allowing visitors to experience the vivid light and shadow. Enjoy the view. The night scene planning and path are very deep. The gorgeous lighting is fascinating.

10861712799_1762070713.jpg     The cultural tourism light show can not only beautify the environment and make the deserted winter alive, but also promote the local economy to drive a large number of industries such as hotels, catering, specialty products, snacks, etc. You must know that once a large-scale project becomes popular Can drive a large industrial chain around. Winter vacation plus Spring Festival is the peak period of tourism in my country, and it is also a lively time of the year. Compared with day trips, it seems that "night tours" are now gradually increasing. Some scenic spots have begun "night tours". One thing is that the nights in winter are too cold, but in cold weather it is not better than a family The mood of people traveling together.

24df6cd24aa3ed891a3a9a52227268d0.jpgThe atmosphere of reunion is permeated in the city, and the air exudes the deliciousness of the New Year’s Eve dinner. The family members whom I haven’t seen in half a year or even a year sit together and have a reunion dinner together, and the whole family travels together with laughter and joy, feeling the New Year Atmosphere, feel the warmth of family.

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